Trust Data,
Not Emotion

Your future in data-driven investing starts here!

We provide you with the most essential data metrics, curated into a handful of easy-to-understand, top-class indicators. Say goodbye to overwhelming complex charts and emotionally-driven choices.


Our indicators touch on every important aspect of investing in the cryptocurrency market. What coins are valued too high or low? Where are strong liquidity levels? What is the direction of the market? What position size should I use?


Research articles for every data metric offer a deep understanding of every single aspect of your decision making. Additional papers talk about the psychological aspect of investing, how to build a functioning strategy and more.


Be a part of our community of likeminded investors and traders who aim to optimize their probability of success in the cryptocurrency market. Our discord channel will launch soon!


What is Cryata?

Cryata is an all-round tool for making investing and trading decisions in the cryptocurrency market. We help customers find opportunities in the market by providing high value data metrics based on mathematical calculations and finance theory.

How does Cryata help in the decision making process?

Ben Graham, father of value investing, liked to say that the investor's worst enemy is likely to be himself. Human psychology makes investors buy during euphoric bubbles and sell at undervalued prices. Thus, Cryata focuses completely on objective data metrics that cover all essential aspects of investing such as risk management, liquidity zones, momentum, technical under- and overvaluation and many more.

Is Cryata completely free of charge?

As of 2023, Cryata is in its Beta Phase, where customers can sign up and use all existing features for free. Beginning in 2024 customers will be charged with the plan they are  enrolled in at that stage.

All customers will be notified prior to the change in pricing. Customers, who want to discontinue the subsription can easily cancel anytime.

Can Cryata help me find opportunities in the market?

Of course. Cryata's overview table lets users order coins based on volatility, (relative) performance, momentum, relative valuation and a lot more in the future. This way customer can get an overview of the best opportunities in the market. Our deep dive indicators and charts can then be used delve deeper and confirm the opportunities.

Can I build trading strategies using the platform?

Sure! Cryata's data metrics cover all important aspects of a trading strategy. Customers can easily find entry levels, targets and invalidation areas with our liquidity zones, ranges, momentum indicator and more. Additionally, our position sizing tool based on probability theory can be used to optimize the position size while minimizing risk.

Where can I cancel my subscription?

As stated above, Cryata will move on from the free Beta-Phase version starting in 2024. Users who wish to cancel or change the membership status can do so anytime in the profile settings.

Where can I contact the team?

Customers who wish to contact the team regarding any issues or suggestions can do so here.

What sets Cryata apart from other data analytics pages?

We at Cryata recognize the vast clutter of information in the crypto space and thus make it our mission to focus on simplicity and overview, while providing the same level of theoretical and practical rigor. Moreover, we are constantly striving to deliver the best version of our product for our customers, improving from week to week.

Is Cryata helpful for novice investors?

Cryata provides research papers regarding every aspect of the platform and beyond. This way novice as well as experienced investors are informed about every tool they are using while learning additional concepts about investing and cryptocurrencies.